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SnPC Machines Group since its inception in 2013 has been supported by a team having 6 years of experience in the Brick making Machine Technology. Today we are one of the fastest growing companies in India. Our key strengths of Technological innovations, Strong infrastructure, and Customer focus have made this happen. Today our group total team size is 90 and out of that, we have 65 members technical related functions. Our Customer Focus has enabled us to continuously learn from the customer experience. The feedback thus gained is used to upgrade ourselves in line with the market needs. In summary SnPC Machines, a leading manufacturer of Brick making machines based on Moving technology delivers products supporting our design philosophy of Economic, Efficient and Ecological. Our Machines are brilliantly engineered products: built to exacting specifications and serve the needs of the international user community. Thank you so much for choosing SnPC Made Mobile Brick making machines.


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What our clients say about us

  • we were disappointed in starting because of simultaneously problems machine but was rectified by SnPC Team and now producing bricks hassle free.

    ABK Bricks- Bangladesh
  • we are producing 11000 Bricks per Hour.

    SBK- Bangladesh
  • I am really interested to buy the machine but on EMI if available.

    dhiraj- Jind (Haryana)
  • I am using snpc Bmm 300 for the last two years Now I am planning to buy another unit in December 2018.

    Ram Chabilla- Nepal
  • The quality of snpc machine bricks is 4 times better than the handmade.

    ABC Bricks – Pakistan
  • I am using this machine on my brick field, in starting faced some issues because of I don’t know how to operate. but snpc provide me operation service now running machine smoothly.

  • I am very satisfied with this machine work and the quality of bricks.

    RIFAT BRICKS- Bangladesh
  • I buy  Bmm 300 Now I am going to buy another unit of Bmm 310 for Nepal.

    OPC Brick Factory
  • this machine is my dream and one day i will buy it.

  • I am going to buy this for assam

    sanjay agarwala
  • really nice technology. wants to buy it

    ajay kumar
  • i am going to buy for assasm.

    sameer mallah baurah
  • i am really impressed with the Mobile Brick making machine.

    Ajay kumar chowdhury
  • SNPC is not just selling machines but also providing a satisfactory solution to the brick industry.

    Tribhuvan chauhan
  • SNPC is providing great services.

  • SNPC machines had made my work more easier as now i can generate more revenue in brick making than before.

  • SNPC machines had made my work more easier as now i can generate more revenue in brick making than before.

  • Why SnPC

    • Following reasons for which the SnPC Pvt. Ltd. is different than others.
    • All products are unique in design and Innovative products in the brick industry.
    • FICCI-IIGP DST Lockheed Martin 2016 Award winner in the innovation category.
    • SnPC Receives the award as the most preferred brand in Bricks manufacturing machine of the year 2017 by ET Now
    • SNPC is the pioneer and leader in providing brock making solutions.
    • SNPC is ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
    • SNPC has implemented more the four products in the field of Brick making and other kiln equipment.
    • All the products are patented.
    • The vision and mission of the company is to provide the best technical equipment to their customer through which they can boost up their production with the easy way and minimum expense.
    • We believe and focus on delivering quality products and services.
    • Our brick making machine has won widespread praise and recognition by customers from various countries.
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